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I bought a ticket over the phone.They emailed e-tickets to me.

When I got to the train station, I found out that I did not have a ticket at all. The woman at the ticket counter chuckled, as she had never seen such a thing. None of the information on the e-ticket pulled up any reservation. I ended up buying an actual ticket minutes before my train departed.

I then went to RailEurope's website to try to cancel the 'ticket' and get a refund, however the information they gave me wouldn't even register on their own website! After much wrangling with them via multiple emails, they refunded the ticket price. After more wrangling, they refunded some of the other 'fees', but they still refuse to refund the 'processing fee' and 'call center fee'.

These people actually expect me to pay for the privilege of sitting on hold and talking to someone who didn't book me on a train!I've initiated a dispute with my credit card company over the remaining fees.

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Eurail Europe: a complete ripoff!

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I traveled to France this Summer to visit a relative and I bought the Eurail France Pass Super Saver to save money.Eurail.com didn't tell me that once you arrive in Europe, I still have to pay way too much extra (about US150) for each reservation for each person and for each trip you will take (on top of the Eurail Pass!).

We made reservations ahead of time but we still paid a lot! In total my travel by Hight Speed Train in France from point A to point B ended up being almost twice as the price for airfare. Several other passengers to Europe agree that to buy passes in the USA does not save you any money at all! Actually, you end up paying twice as much as what it would cost you by plane.

I don't recommend these Rail Passes.A complete ripoff!

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Palm Desert, California, United States #367989

I purchased from Rail Europe two first-class seats in coach 12 of train 6176 from Cannes to Paris on September 16, 2011.These seats/coach did not exist; train 6176, had only eight coaches (1-8).

We were unable to board the train, and were forced to find alternate transportation.Rail Europe has not responded to numerous requests for refund.

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